NormanKeith -

Wine Making at home

"The finest Cabernet I've had came not from my vinyard but from a potted vine sitting on a friends patio" -  Baron Philippe de Rothschild

The Merlot vines on the back yard trellis

The desire to make wine came to me when I was as young as 10 or 11. I don't know if it was from seeing a movie set in vineyards or moonshining, or if it was just an extension of my interests of and needing to experiment in the kitchen but it's a very rewarding hobby and one that lets you express creativity on the path to an addictive pursuit of perfection. I presented a few bottles of a dry red blackberry at a black tie gathering a couple of years ago and although my preference would have been for the hosts to rack it for another occasion, it was quite an honor to have the avtivities briefly pause when raised glasses and nods where directed to me after it was sampled. You can create lasting impressions in this art. 
Over time this page will have everything I can post to help you on the path to getting into this hobby. I'll upload past labels of ours and write on the adventures associated with wines that are in the make. we'll go through the bottling, sealing , and labeling. Half of my love in this hobby is producing a higher quality and getting better with each run and the other half is giving it to fiends and acquaintances. Almost everything you present in cooking and winemaking is "all about the presentation" but in both you never stop in the quest for perfection of what your producing to back it up.


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