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I have launched and ended an estore in the past and have played around on starting a web page before but found it to be an endevor that required a lot more time than I had to keep up with. I'm constantly drawn to the desire to post information on my favorite hobbies so other people with like interests hopefully will be able find the answers to some of the questions they have when wanting to start or get into them. I have relied on the internet for a great deal of my research and did find a lot of much needed fact and data when I started. The information available on the internet is growing but you probably have experienced it and would agree there is a great deal of it that ranges from questionable to just plain useless. The plan here is to not produce anything that is useless so my main focus is going to just be on things I loved to collect and present them as the pieces of art or engineering masterpieces that I see them as and know that they are. I hope the photos and any write ups are helpful to you as references in your information searches and to your future or existing collections.

This is going to be a long process so bookmark me and check in as I develop this site, one item at a time.


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